Laser Engraving

A Laser Engraver is an extremely powerful tool in the world of personalization or

customization with the list of materials it engrave so vast that almost anything can be done. 

What can I engrave?

Below is a list of ideas to help fuel your imagination.

  • NEW! Any metal can now be engraved!
  • Any wood product
  • Coated Metals - Gun receivers, powder coating, paint
  • Plastics - Cell phones, Ipads, Acrylic, and Delrin (acetal) are a few.
  • Cork - Bulletin boards, cork bottle stoppers, and crafts.
  • Glass - shot glasses, picture frames, ornaments.
  • Textiles - Denim, fleece, wool, leather
  • Stone - Tile, marble, ceramic, brick
  • Rubber - Stamps, handle grips