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Transfers and Engraving

Firearm Transfers

With our Type 1 FFL, we not only do engraving on firearms, but can do Transfers as well. Both transfers from online sales and in-person transfers for private sellers can be done at my Cedar Grove shop.

Transfer Costs:

Long gun (rifle or shotgun) $20

Handguns & Receivers $30

SBRs & NFA Required Markings

We are licensed to do NFA engravings for SBRs and Suppressors. 

$45 plus tax covers most jobs. 

We engrave deep into the metal, not just through the top coating. Protect your guns and get the job done right.

Stock & Grip Engraving

Add character or meaning by engraving checkering, stippling, patterns, photos, text, and more on all​ wood stocks, grips, and anything else! Prices vary per job so please call or email for a fast quote.

Receivers, Slides, & Lowers

Engraving on slides, barrels, and anything else metal! We can engrave aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, and everything in between. Prices vary per job, please contact for details.

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