Paver Donor Walls and Paths

Interior Donor Walls

Wall Hung Donor Plaques


  • Durable: Clay pavers are regarded as one of the strongest available and can last decades.
  • Permanent: Because clay has a large sand content, the engraved area turns to black glass when hit with the laser. This process fuses the glass to the clay and will be permanent as long as the brick stays together.
  • Color will not fade: The color of clay comes from the material used itself and is permanently sealed in the brick once it is fired and hardened.


Interior donor walls or walkways are a great way to add a bit style to an entrance way or hallway. Donor wall hangings can be made from wood, stone, glass, and other materials. These walls can also be added structurally to a building upon construction!


  • Perpetual plaques are the most cost effective way to display your appreciation. Plaques can be made from wood, glass, stone, stainless steel or acrylic.
  • Minimum size plaque has 12 plates.
  • Maximum is unlimited.